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Welcome to Terry's Gun Vault!

Founded in 2007- Terry's Gun Vault has become the premier destination for quality new and used competition shotguns.
We strive to match you with the perfect shotgun! Ljutic, Perazzi. Krieghoff, Browning or whatever best fits your needs!

In 2009 we introduced our "TGV" series Ljutic shotguns! Each one unique!

In 2012 the "SRM" was born- " Short Rib Monogun" combines the Monogun/Pro-3 platform with a short Space Gun style rib!

Also in 2012 the "JL2" Adjustable rib was created- A new style Adj rib that adjusts to shoot higher than most other adjustable rib shotguns on the market.

Ask about a " Custom" order new Ljutic shotgun. A custom order is truly custom- All aspects of your new ljutic is custom made for you. Choose your wood, Stock dimensions, Chekering pattern, POI, Choke, Bore size, Cast or Offset and Pull or release trigger.Even pick a Serial Number that is unique to you!! A custom stock fitting session is also available at the Ljutic factory.

We also have a full line of new target shotshells and reloading supplies in stock!

Thanks for visiting!

Terry Jones